‘Not my job’

I see the designer as one of the very key people on whom the success of the project depends.

Always surprised when a designer wants to limit the list of things they do on the project, limit the responsibility. The effect on the project is similar to CEO not taking care of project details and proceedings.

Please try to get your hands dirty with whatever’s necessary for success overall. Design better project worflow, better requirements structure, better team meetings, better skateholder demos and presentations.

Comes with the job, surprisingly, and for some cases critical for project success overall.

See the goal, help the team, get there by all means necessary. I bet you’ll learn a ton of useful things for hands-on design work along the way.

The two kinds of customers

I guess there are two major kinds of clients coming to barber shop.

Some people want that same haircut done again and again. Might even have a reference picture with them.

The others look for something new. They might not have any idea, or have a picture of a hairdo just in their mind. These will struggle to describe.

Being able to provide a great service for the latter group is what makes a great barber shop.

Are you ready to provide great experience for both kinds of customers approaching your business?

On system thinking

Folks from Apple (including Don Norman), Elon Musk and a lot of great design, business and engineering minds — all mention system thinking being key to creating great products.Being capable to go beyond a feature, product, one year timeline, single geography, domain, niche, skillset is what it takes to design something truly epic.

Seeing the connections, seeing the potential outcomes, factoring in the risks and planning for exponential growth are all present in system-thinker’s toolkit.

A way retain sanity designing at scale is zooming all the way into a single experience, living it start to finish.

E. g. Designing a city, zoom into a single dweller work commute experience on Monday morning.

And then zoom back out and see from the high up, across dimensions and actors what the experience is actually built of. Complete it, optimize it.
Strive to get there, an ultimate space for designer.

Here’s Elon’s talk alluding to this:

Following creatives

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 10.52.09 PM.png

The problem of following creatives has not been solved.

Best artists don’t post on Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere frequently if ever. Same accounts for the masters of the past.

They would have a website of their own or dedicated to their work and that’s about it.

So there you are, a curious art appreciator, looking at this website wondering how to follow their work.

The website won’t have a clear ‘follow’, not even an RSS…

Looking forward to seeing someone solve this problem and make the whole experience effortless and automated.

For truly great artists. And at scale.

Don’t let it stop you

A lot of ideas you come up with, already came to someone else’s mind.

When you find that out might feel like giving up and stopping realizing your ideas. ‘Nah, someone already thought of that’.

OR you can take these ideas further, make them better, make them real and make them matter.

Your choice.

Photo I took :) :

up to date advertising

Ad based on the same idea:

Twisted face poster

Notes on Apple Watch experience

Executive summary: Apple watch is great. Surprised to discover people who disagree.

People wanted bells and whistles, but ended up with a tool that is similar in its utility to your regular watch telling time. But Apple goes far beyond that, naturally.

Industry taught consumers to judge products by their technical parameters, features and looks in the ads. Not actual experience and craftsmanship. 

Much like many other Apple products, watch is built from many gems that deliver a great experience by playing together as an orchestra. A hard to sell to naysayers and people who only get specs and killer features.

The product design exceeds expectations. Assumed it would look and feel like a weird brick on your hand. Was wrong. Feels and weighs just right.

Manual controls (crown & button) do swell, rubber band I had too. Delightful.

A ton of great and very fine design work went into this little device. Physical and digital.

The watch faces do look, work and get setup like they were crafted by the swiss. :)

No surprise Apple isn’t welcoming your great custom watch face ideas. It is hard to think of any other company that would put so much effort into designing a digital watch face.

And guess what. Face quality is a key factor for buying real watches. Letting third parties freely customize your watch face is akin to letting them sell your product for you.

Apple watch is a glanceable gadget. Your hand will get tired soon enough if you want to read a book off of it. And that is an important value point.

The very approach to reviewing watch interfaces should be similar to reviewing a speedometer. And it does perform for at-a-glance.

Watch is tied to your iPhone. But it almost never feels lacking. It never feels incomplete. Never feels like you have to have your iPhone in your other hand to get anything done with it. It is time for your phone to rest in the pocket.

A lot of smart thinking went into collaboration between the devices, deciding what can be accomplished on the wrist and what has to extend into the phone screen.

Key value

Key value of the device is reminders, notifications and fitness motivation. I did feel more empowered, more motivated for a healthier life and more confident I don’t miss the next meeting. AND I’m taking calls on it! :)

No more checking the phone so frequently.

This is the core, done very well and the lookout for features and capabilities coming to watch is great.

When you pick up the phone to check when the next meeting is or what that message from friend was you end up sucked into it browsing, checking updates etc. Watch won’t suck you in.

By purchasing Apple watch you’re buying youself a ton of time off the screen, not an extra distraction device.

The few shortcomings

The screen lights up sometimes when you don’t expect it too. E. g. when you’re operating a fork and a knife. Minor annoyance that hopefully will get fixed. Ideas for an app that teaches you table manners?

I can get a bulk notification saying that I have 2 tasks coming up, but no way to look into the tasks (my Any.Do task manager doesn’t have a Watch app). Apps will need to adapt.

Not all of the things on Watch face are immediately clear (‘What’s that red dot?’ https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7012648) So get ready for some learning curve here.

Fingerprints on the screen don’t look cool too.

I could name a few other, but all the tiny annoyances don’t add up to be considered a show stopper, impact purchase decision or matter much.